The New Centre of Łódź

The New Centre of Łódź is one of the key elements of the city centre regeneration project, the aim of which is to rediscover the beauty of “the undiscovered Łódź”. The city centre of Łódź, strongly affected by the collapse of the textile industry, has become the place which needs to be energised, made more attractive and assigned new functions. The area of nearly 100 hectares in the heart of the city is the site of wide-ranging works aimed at resorting its splendour and, as a result of such already happening changes, will become the place that offers new quality to residents and visitors alike.

The elements of the New Centre of Łódź include, among others, the redeveloped premises of the former EC-1 power plant. The unique character of the place, offering a tangible connection to the industrial past of the city, allows for taking advantage of the opportunities it provides, while simultaneously being adaptable to the functions related to state-of-the-art technologies, such a planetarium or a 3d cinema.

Another element is the new underground Łódź Fabryczna railway station, which will become a part of the multimodal transport hub, connecting railway transport services, long-distance bus services, public transport services and road transport, right in the centre of the city. The investment will involve also the alteration of the road system around the railway station, owing to which Łódź will have the opportunity to become one of the locations in the country with best transport connections.

The New Centre of Łódź encompasses 50 interlinked projects of the total value of approximately PLN 4.7 billion. According to the spatial development plan for the New Centre of Łódź, 19.92% of its area is intended for services-related functions, 46.47% - office functions, 19.00% - residential functions, and 13.01% - hotel functions.